The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Arms depot explosion | Little girl killed, five civilians injured and dozens of tents burned in rockets fired from ammunition depot near Iskenderun border

Idlib province: SOHR activists have documented the death of a girl with special needs and the injury of five civilians in rockets fired from an ammunition depot in Babiskah village in northern Idlib countryside.

SOHR activists have also documented the killing of Al-Sham corps member of the artillery and rocket regiment in the explosion of the warehouse and the burning of dozens of tents housing displaced people. The residents have been evacuated by rescue teams. While the activists have been beaten by Al-Sham corps members while trying to cover up the incident.

Yesterday, SOHR activists monitored a state of panic and fear among civilians and refugees in camps in northern of Syria, due to consecutive explosions and missiles fired from ammunition warehouse in Babisqa village in northern Idlib countryside, causing material damages in Salah Al-Din displacement camp.

Moreover, missiles hit areas near Kafr Lucien, Akarbat and Sarmada villages as a primary tally, meanwhile explosions are still taking place.

It is worth noting that the area hold thousands of displaced civilians and refugees from all Syrian provinces, and is considered one of the most populated areas in north western of Syria, due to presence of dozens of camps in the area.

Earlier yesterday, consecutive explosions were heard near Syrian-Turkish borders, due to the explosion of an ammunition warehouse of Al-Sham Legion, in Babisqa town near the camps northern of Idlib.