The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Residents call for peaceful protests against the Turkish energy company in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo province: Residents have called for staging peaceful protests against the Turkish energy company which provides “Euphrates Shield” and Olive Branch” areas in the northern and north-eastern countryside of Aleppo with electricity.


According to SOHR sources, these calls follows the failure of respond by the administration of the energy company to the decisions of the “Rights Restitution Committee” in Afrin city. Moreover, the energy company’s administration refused to attend a session of inquiry in order to clarify the reason behind the frequent power outages and the company’s working mechanism.


This comes after the energy company has cut off power for ten hours every day in light the extreme hot weather under the pretext of “the increasing pressure on power grid cables and changing the system of rationing.”


On February 10, Observatory activists reported that “Asifat Al-Shamal” faction which controls Azaz city in the northern countryside of Aleppo, shut down Turkish energy company and declared the suspension of its work.


This development followed the company’s refusal to comply with ongoing public demands to reduce the price of electricity and violate the agreements signed with the local council in Azaz.


While on February 4, SOHR reliable sources reported that people took into streets in four areas under the control of the Turkish forces in “Sowran-Afrin-Jerbalus-Ea’zaz” in Aleppo countryside. The protesters demanded improving the living conditions and reducing the prices of electricity by Turkish private companies that control the electricity prices in the region.


Also, on February 1, SOHR activists reported that the Turkish company “AK energy”, which supplies electricity to the northern Aleppo countryside, had lifted subsidies of the first tranche.


In the same context, civilians went out on protests in Al-Bab city in the eastern Aleppo countryside, Afrin city and Ma’batly district after the electricity’s prices were doubled. Moreover, the Turkish company adopts a rationing policy where there is blackout for 12 hours against 12 hours of power resume.


The protesters in Al-Bab city stormed the building of the electricity station and took over it demanding to provide electricity throughout the whole day, in addition to reducing electricity’s prices to what they were before.


According to the Turkish company’s “AK energy” resolution, the price of the first tier of consumption was raised from 100 to 200 for each 100 kilowatt.