The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Syria is free country… Turks should leave” | Public protests against Turkish electricity stations continue in Aleppo

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that members of the police shot a protestor while they were trying to seperate protests against Turkish electricity companies in Jinderes area in Afrin countryside north western of Aleppo, injuring him.

It is worth noting that the injured protestor was displaced from Deir Ezzor and belonged to Jaish Al-Sharqiyah faction, however he didn’t carry a weapon during the protests. Jinderes is witnessing alert among Jaish Al-Sharqiyah faction amid public fears of armed clashes.

Meanwhile, Al-Bab city eastern of Aleppo witnessed protests against the Turkish electricity company, and protestors in Marae’ city northern of Aleppo set the headquarters of the Local Council on fire, in light of ongoing public protests chanting “Syria is free country… Turkish people should leave

It is worth noting that the electricity in areas held by Turkish forces and their proxies is provided by “STE” and “AK energy” Turkish companies.

SOHR activists have just reported that public protests expanded to include other areas held by Turkish forces and their proxies in Aleppo countryside, where people protested in Marae’, Soran, A’zaz and Jinderes against the Turkish electricity comany, while protestors in Marae’ broke into the company and set it on fire.

SOHR activists monitored high tension in Afrin, where the Governor’s headquarters guard and military police opened fire to seperate protestors, amid confirmed reports of the injury of two civilians.

A few hours ago, SOHR activists monitored a sit in by residents in Afrin, which is controlled by Turkish forces and their proxies north western of Aleppo, in front of the Turkish company “STE”, following the violations and the repeated cutting of power for technical faults, where the protestors broke into the building and sabotaged and destroyed its contents.