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Demanding to open frontlines | Residents of Sarmin town protest against HTS

Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported that dozens protested against HTS and its leader “Al-Jolani” yesterday, in the vicinity of Sarmin town in Idlib countryside.

The protestors demanded to open the frontlines and accused HTS in their chants of “slaughtering the Syrian people from vein to vein.”

On June 3, SOHR activists monitored public protests by displaced civilians from all Syrian areas in front of a Turkish Military checkpoint known as “Madrasat Al-Sawaka” (Al-Sawaka School) eastern of Idlib city, demanding to launch military operations against the regime and Russian forces and Iranian militias and to free areas controlled by Iranian-backed militias, confirming that these areas are supposed to be safe as these are their villages, towns and cities that are being controlled by Russia, Iran and regime forces.
Moreover, protestors denounced the Russian-Turkish agreements that caused demographic changes in Syrian territory, achieving benefits for Turkey and Russia while harming the Syrian people.
SOHR activists reported a demonstration in Sarmin city in Idlib countryside, nearly one kilometre away from a Turkish military post. The demonstration was staged by tens of people who were forced to displace from eastern and southern countryside of Idlib due to Russian-Turkish agreements following the latest military campaign by Russian and regime forces and Iranian-backed militias in that region.
According to Observatory sources, the displaced people chanted slogans against Erdogan and condemned the imminent military operation by Turkish forces, which is expected to target areas controlled by Syria Democratic Forces and Kurdish forces in north and north-east Syria, according press releases and statements by Erdogan who was also announced about establishing the so-called “safe zone.
The demonstrators called for launching military operations to regain control of the areas which were captured recently by regime forces and Iranians in Idlib countryside with the aim of bringing displaced people back to their homes instead of forcing indigenous inhabitants to displace from their areas and replace them with other displaced Syrian people and refugees. The demonstrators also opposed establishing cities and villages with the aim of resettling displaced people and refugees along the Syria-Turkey border.
SOHR sources also confirmed that a total blackout by media outlets and activists affiliating with the Turkish government enveloped this demonstration.