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Shamima Begum ‘fears she will be killed’ as she faces terror trial in Syria

The runaway Brit, who left to join Isis as a teenager, has been unable to return to the UK and remains in the al-Roj camp.

Officials there in Rojava, a self-governing region in north-east Syria secured by Kurdish-led forces, previously said they have abolished the death penalty in the region but friends and a solicitor raised worries about her fate.

“No, no, I don’t want that, that can’t happen. I don’t want to be tried in Syria,” Begum said.

The 22-year-old, who was refused entry back to the UK by the Supreme Court last year, having been stripped of her British citizenship, told the Daily Mail: “I was an angel, you can ask my mum, I was an angel.

“I did not like my primary school because I faced some racism there, not constantly, but at a young age one thing is enough.

“Not bullied, but little comments and stuff and favouritism with teachers to white kids over non-white kids.”

Friends say she does not have faith in the justice system in Rojava.

A source said: “Begum has convinced herself she’ll pay the ultimate price if she is tried and found guilty of terrorism offences in Syria.

“She’s very frightened and concerned.

“She’s been told she will be put on trial in Rojava, probably as one of a group of women accused of terrorist offences.”

The source told The Sun that a trial date is likely to take place in September or October.

“Rojava authorities don’t advocate the death penalty but that has failed to convince her she won’t escape such a punishment,” the source said.

“And even if she does, she’s facing a life jail sentence.”

Tasnime Akunjee, a solicitor who has previously acted for Begum, said: “I feel her fears are justified. The justice system there is somewhat meagre.”Begum, who was controversially stripped of her British citizenship and tried in vain to get back to the UK, has previously insisted she did not understand what Isis really was.

She fled the UK as a 15-year-old schoolgirl and managed to join the group in Syria, as its fighters committed atrocities throughout that country and Iraq.

Begum said she was groomed online before travelling to the Middle East.

Kurdish fighters were instrumental in fighting the militants, backed by Western and international air power, and they now face the challenge of dealing with the thousands of Isis suspects after the death cult was destroyed.

She had married a Dutch national while out there and had children.



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