Latest development of Coalition's airdrop | Coalition aircraft land at base in Kharab Ashak east of Aleppo following arresting prominent ISIS leader • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Latest development of Coalition’s airdrop | Coalition aircraft land at base in Kharab Ashak east of Aleppo following arresting prominent ISIS leader

SOHR sources have reported that International Coalition aircraft have landed at three AM (Damascus time), at Lafarge base in Kharab Ashak area in Ain Al-Arab countryside (Kobani), east of Aleppo, following the completion of the security operation in areas controlled by Turkish forces and their proxy factions in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo, which lead to the arrest of a prominent ISIS leader. However, the identity of the ISIS leader remains unknown.

The base in Kharab Ashak has become a starting point for such military operations against the most prominent ISIS leaders of the first row, as happened with Al-Baghdadi and his successor Al-Qurashi in Idlib.

It is worth noting that Coalition military operations take place in areas controlled by HTS, Turkish forces and their backed-factions.

Yesterday afternoon, SOHR activists reported that US forces brought fuel trucks to the base in Kharab Ashak, and a number of SDF members were also granted leave by the Coalition as part of the careful and confidential preparation of the military operation.

A few hours earlier, “International Coalition” forces executed an airdrop operation in Al-Hamira village in northern Aleppo countryside, which is nearly four kilometres away from Turkish borders, where two helicopters landed near the targeted position.

In the same context, clashes with medium weapons took place between unidentified people in houses in Al-Hamira village, while they were being pursued by “International Coalition” members.

A few hours ago, “International Coalition” helicopter took off from Lafarge base in Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) countryside after it landed there On June 15, and headed towards areas held by Turkish-backed factions, in a situation that simulates the killing of Al-Baghdadi and his successor “Al-Qorashy” in Idlib.

Nearly nine “International Coalition” planes flew at low altitude over Al-Sajor line in north eastern Aleppo countryside, and shooting was heard in these areas, amid information about executing an airdrop operation in Al-Haimar area in Aleppo countryside.