The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New reinforcements | Russian forces bring in military equipment to base near frontlines in Al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that Russian forces have brought military reinforcements to bases in “Al-Mabaker” near frontlines in Tel Tamr countryside north western of Al-Hasakah.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the Russian forces brought weapons, ammunition and 23 machineguns to the base.

This comes in light of the current ceasefire on the frontlines from the north in Abo Rasen (Zarkan) all the way to Al-Aliyah village western.

On June 7, SOHR sources reported that Russian forces brought in new military reinforcement today to their base in Al-Mabaqer in Tel Tamr countryside in western Al-Hasakah. The reinforcement comprised personnel carriers, armoured vehicles, covered military trucks, radar systems and heavy and medium weapons, including anti aircraft guns.