Bashar al- Assad's explosive containers kill them in the grandmother's house • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Bashar al- Assad’s explosive containers kill them in the grandmother’s house

The regime forces continue in its crimes against the Syrian people, where the helicopters dropped an explosive container on a house of al- Moqdad family in the city of Bosra al- Sham when they were gathering in the second day of Eid for dinner invitation at the grandmother’s house killing the grandson Ibrahim, his infant child, his mother, his aunt, a child of his cousin and her mother. The sources confirmed to SOHR that a lot of sons and grandsons were at the grandmother’s house and survived because they went out of the house before dropping the container on the house. The regime forces deliberately targeted several areas at Iftar time and during the people gathering at night in their houses, mosque and public places that led to kill about 562 civilians, including 130 children and 78 women, some families were fully exterminated too.  

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