The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Central prison | Three ISIS prisoners, including leader, escape amid reports of re-arresting them

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that three ISIS members escaped from the central prison in Al-Raqqah city, amid reports that security forces have succeeded to arrest them.

This development coincides with the ongoing deployment of security forces in the vicinity of the prison, north of Al-Raqqah.


This morning, SOHR sources reported that since Sunday dawn Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), accompanied by their security forces, have been mobilising their forces in the vicinity of the central prison north of Al-Raqqah city to the right of Silo bridge “Tishreen” by deploying a large number of snipers to rooftops of buildings and erects barriers and checkpoints, amid confirmed reportes that a number of ISIS prisoners escaped from the central prison.

According to Syrian Observatory, the prison break occurred at 3: AM on Sunday, when gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the central prison, followed by ambulances arriving in the prison area.

Security forces backed by armoured vehicles also imposed a security cordon at the entrances and exits to Rumaylah, north of the railway and Al-Qitarr street” and searched several houses in search of ISIS fugitives.