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At Turkish orders | HTS withdraws from Afrin to areas in Idlib

HTS faction has withdrawn from several positions during the past few hours at Turkish orders, where all HTS members left Montazah Ain Darah (Ain Darah park) and Qarzaihal village southern of Afrin city towards Al-Basotah and Deir Balot villages adjacent to HTS areas in Idlib, while some convoys entered HTS areas through Deir Balot crossing with Atma town in northern Idlib countryside.

The convoys comprise military vehicles carrying artilleries, cars equipped with heavy machine guns and armoured personnel carriers.

Meanwhile, an HTS group gathers in Al-Basota village adjacent to Darat Azza city. The group has heavy machineries and tanks.

On June 19, SOHR activists reported that the civilian casualty toll of the ongoing clashes between Ahrar Al-Sham on the one hand and 3rd Corps and Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah factions on the other in countryside of Al-Bab area in eastern Aleppo countryside had risen to four people, including a child and a little girl.

SOHR also documented the injury of 11 civilians, including a little girl seriously injured, in the ongoing violent clashes.

SOHR activists also documented the death of four fighters.

SOHR sources reported renewed clashes between Third Corps and Ahrar Al-Sham on the other hand in the villages of Susiyan, Al-Hadath and Ablah surrounding Al-Bab city, east of Aleppo.

The clashes coincided with the ongoing deployment of “Tahrir Al-Sham” and “Ahrar Al-Sham” in Al-bassoutah, Bajnderis areas, the villages of Al-Muhammadiyah, Al-Ghazawiyah Qarzihil and Ain Darah in Afrin countryside, north-west of Aleppo. Moreover, Turkish drones flew over the area.

SOHR activists reported that Ahrar Al-Sham and Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham succeeded to impose their control over several areas in “Olive Branch” area in the north-western countryside of Aleppo.

Ahrar Al-Sham and Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham factions took over the areas of Al-Basutah, jendires and the villages of Al-Muhammadiyah, Al-Ghazawiyah, Qarzihil and Ain Dara, following clashes with Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah and Al-Sham Corps.

The village of Qarzihil witnessed the fiercest clashes. The takeover of the areas took place in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings after the arrival of the convoys of Tahrir Al-Sham and Ahrar Al-Sham in the area.

A cautious calm prevailed in the region, amid negotiations mediated by dignitaries to make Tahrir Al-Sham and Ahrar Al-Sham convoys withdraw from the areas they controlled during the past hours north-west of Aleppo, in exchange for Ahrar Al-Sham recapturing their positions in Al-Bab, east of Aleppo.