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Murders in Al-Hawl camp in week | ISIS cells and affiliates killed four women

Since early 2022, 20 people, including 13 women, were killed in Al-Hawl "mini state."

s ISIS cells escalate their activity and continue their attacks by carrying out assassinations in Al Hawl “mini-state”, which houses ISIS members and families, in the far south-eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah, since early June SOHR activists have documented the killing of four women; they are:

• Two displaced Syrian women.

• Two unidentified women.

Here are further details of these murders:


• June 11: An unidentified woman was killed in Al-Hawl camp, where her body was found dumped between the fourth and fifth sections of the camp.

• June 12: A body of a displaced Syrian woman was dumped in sewage in the fifth section of Al-Hawl camp.

• June 17: “Asayish” Internal Security Forces found the body of two women in the third section of the camp; the first woman is a Syrian displaced woman and the second is an unidentified woman.

Accordingly, the number of murders documented in the camp since early 2022 has risen to 19, which left 20 people dead; and they are as follows:

• Six Iraqi refugees, including two women.

• Seven Syrian people: Two men and five women.

• Six unidentified women.

• A medic was killed in the post where he worked in the camp.