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Campaign against jihadists | HTS executes security operation against Ansar Al-Islam in Idlib

Idlib province: SOHR activists have monitored security tension among security forces of HTS in preparation for security operation against “Ansar Al-Islam” jihadist faction in Idlib, and they cut some roads in the vicinity of Idlib city.

The official spokesman for Public Security Agency of HTS said “Al-Ghelew (rationalism) is considered one of the most dangerous social, intellectual and psychological threats destroying the society and caused by incorrect understanding of the purposes of Islamic laws and how to apply them, Intellectual deviation, using Islamic laws for own benefits and other causes.
This results in rationalism in religion, excommunication and killing Muslims, fanaticism of opinion and prohibition of what is permissible. This puts the society and its members in danger, leading to the killing of Muslims, wasting their money, destruction of their families and the dismantling of the society, where crimes of rationalism and excommunication committed by ISIS and other cells affect the society.

This comes as a part of the ongoing anti-jihadist campaign launched by Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham in areas under its control in order to impose unilateral full control and domination in areas in Idlib and parts of the countryside of Aleppo, Latakia and Hama.

Earlier today, SOHR activists monitored security tension among HTS forces in different areas in Idlib countryside, with deployment of the security members in the vicinity of Idlib city and Sahl Al-Roj area, and members stationed at checkpoints at the junction of Saijar town, junction of Hafsarja village and near the central prison in the vicinity of Idlib.

According to reliable SOHR sources, HTS security forces were preparing to launch a wide-range security operation in the area. It wasn’t identified whether the operation is against jihadist factions of ISIS or against drug dealers in the area.

On May 24, SOHR activists reported that security forces of HTS arrested the deputy of the Emir of “Ansar Al-Islam”, who is one of its prominent commanders, in “Harim” area northern of Idlib.

It is worth noting that the detainee is the jihadist “Abo Al-Darda’a Al-Kurdy” and one of the most prominent jihadists in the area.