The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Coalition drone attack | Yemeni leader of close Al-Qaeda faction killed in Idlib

SOHR sources have confirmed that a leader of “Hurras Al-Din” accused of “pledging allegiance to Al-Qaeda” called “Abu Hamza Yemeni” was killed on Monday evening after being targeted by a missile by an International Coalition drone while he was riding his motorcycle on the road between Idlib city and Qaminas town.

The leader’s body was transported after it was burned and mutilated to an Idlib hospital.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the Yemeni leader survived an earlier assassination attempt by the International Coalition on September 20, 2021, after targeting his car with a missile by a drone on Idlib-Binnish road, east of Idlib, where his driver was killed.

On December 3, 2021, SOHR activists have reported that an International Coalition drone targeting a former Huras Al-Din leader from Ihsam town, southern Idlib countryside while he was riding a motorcycle, with three missiles, on Al-Mastoumah road in Idlib, killing him instantly and turning his body into pieces.

In addition, a family of six, including women and children, were injured the moment they passed by the attack site.