The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Murders in Al-Hawl camp | Decapitated body of displaced Syrian woman found in Al-Hasakah countryside

Since early June, ISIS cells killed seven women in Al-Hawl camp

SOHR sources have reported that “Asayish” Internal Security Forces found the body of a decapitated body of a displaced Syrian woman from Homs province in the sixth section in Al-Hawl camp in the far south-eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah.

It is worth noting that this is the sixth murder in June, where these murders left seven women: three unidentified women and four displaced Syrians, dead.

Accordingly, the number of murders documented in the camp since early 2022 has risen to 22, which left 23 people dead; and they are as follows:

• Six Iraqi refugees, including two women.

• Nine Syrian people, including seven women.

• Seven unidentified women.

• A medic was killed in the post where he worked in the camp.