Rejecting Hezbollah's heinous practices in Syria | Unidentified persons throw leaflets, expressing rejection of Hezbollah's presence and recruitment of civilians in security zone in Al-Hasakah • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
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Rejecting Hezbollah’s heinous practices in Syria | Unidentified persons throw leaflets, expressing rejection of Hezbollah’s presence and recruitment of civilians in security zone in Al-Hasakah

Nearly 800 recruits work for Iranian-backed militias in Al-Hasakah, according to SOHR sources

Unidentified persons have thrown paper leaflets in regime-controlled security square areas in Al-Hasakah city against Lebanese Hezbollah presence in the area and a refusal to recruit people into their ranks and Iranian-backed militias.

SOHR activists have obtained a copy of these leaflets, which read as follows:

“Lebanon’s “Hezbollah” is the most prominent Iranian proxy militia. The members of Hezbollah always work to destabilize the peace wherever they go and commit heinous crimes, and fund drug smuggling, indifferent to the damage caused by such activities.

The residents in Al-Hasakah are plagued by Hezbollah who is now among us, hiding its presence and identity among regime forces and working in secrecy to undermine and destabilize the stability we need.

Every month, Lebanon’s Hezbollah supplies and bring in more and more weapons to Al-Hasakah

Lebanese pilgrims reside in the security square, where they supervise and monitor the heinous activities.

Hezbollah leaders, led by Haji Mahdi, try to recruit our young men and turn them into agents and proxies for foreign forces working against their families.

We, the resident of Al-Hasakah, do not accept the presence of Hezbollah and these activities. We have suffered enough. We do not want and reject the presence of the Lebanese Hezbollah in our city. ‘No to Hezbollah’s presence in Al-Hasakah”

On April 23, 2022, SOHR sources reported that an Iranian commander with other commanders and members of Iranian-backed militias met with supporters of the state security service and elders of Tayi’ tribe in Al-Qamishli city in Al-Hasakah countryside.

According to SOHR sources, nearly 100 people, including regime officers stationed in Al-Qamishli airport and the elder of Tayi’ tribe is known as “Ali Hawwas Al-Khalif,” attended the meeting.

The attendants discussed the establishment of a military council to be represented by the members who attended the meeting under the supervision of Iranian advisers in order to confront the US project with SDF, as they described. The council also aims to impose its influence to react to arrests by SDF and Asayish Forces.

The attendants also discussed the engagement of tribesmen in the new formation to participate in counter-terrorism battles alongside regime forces.

SOHR sources also reported that the Iranian commander confirmed that every member of the new formation would get a monthly salary of 200,000 SYP, as well as food baskets and security cards. He also stated that a regime officer would supervise the training of the members and recruits.

This came as a part of Iranian efforts to expand in Syria and lure regime affiliates to work for them, with Russia being preoccupied with its war in Ukraine.

According to SOHR statistics, the number of recruits working for Iranian-backed militias in Al-Hasakah province exceeds 800 fighters, of whom there are 390 fighters and commanders of the regime-backed National Defence Forces, while 410 are of civilians and people of Arab tribes, such as Al-Abid, Yassar, Hareeth, Bani Sab’a and Al-Sharayeen. It is worth noting that these fighters were recruited by offering incentive monthly salaries in light of the recent economic hardship. Meanwhile, the new recruits are trained in camps of Tartab Regiment in southern Al-Qamishli, before they are distributed to other areas, the most prominent of which is west Euphrates region.