“Islamic State” ignore the 4-days-timeout, and start raids on internet • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Islamic State” ignore the 4-days-timeout, and start raids on internet

Al-Raqqah Province:

SOHR was informed that the security members of IS raided the internet cafés in Al-Raqqah city and inspected them alongside everybody inside, also they have uninstalled the Wi-Fi devices that broadcast the internet to the neighboring houses, and that came less than 24 hours after the circulating issued by the “Islamic State” which SOHR had published and says that IS has given the owner of internet cafés a time limit of 4 days to remove Wi-Fi that give internet for the houses around these cafés, and they have warned them to stop all the house subscription and even the subscriptions of IS militants, where IS tries in this step to do a news blackout on what is happening inside the city of al- Raqqa, which is considered its main stronghold in Syria, and arrest all those who publish news about IS by carrying out consecutive raids and sending patrols to the internet shops to inspect them searching for such people. IS also try to cut off communication between the non-Syrian IS militants and their relatives fearing of going back to their homes and that some of them may communicate with intelligence agencies. It is noted that a lot of non-Syrian IS militants have tried to escape, some of them could pass the Syrian- Turkish border, others were arrested or killed like the German Thai Kickboxing Champion Valdet Gashi who was trying to escape with another group from IS-held areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, where IS dragged them to an IS jail in the city of Manbej northeast of Aleppo. Reliable sources confirmed to SOHR that he was killed by IS militants, another information reported that Valdet are still alive and that he has tried to run away more than one time towards Turkish borders but he failed. Sources informed SOHR activists in the countryside on Aleppo that Valdet had been shocked after joining IS and that he was working on return to Germany since the first month of his joining.