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Jabhat al- Nusra and al- Islam Army agree on solving the dispute and establishing joint military operation room



SOHR received a copy of agreement said to be between Jabhat al- Nusra and al- Islam Army in the Eastern Ghouta. The agreement stated on:

  • To stop campaigns of treason, defamation and incitement from both sides and holding to account all who violate this agreement.
  • To reactivate the security cooperation between the two sides in order to solve all files.
  • Al- Islam Army promises to remove the checkpoint of Midra – Beir Sawa and to offer a report about all its checkpoints spread in the Ghouta next sessions.
  • To establish joint military operation room to study the military reality in the Ghouta and to develop a common among all the factions in the Ghouta.
  • The two parties promise to open the judicature file to reach to joint vision.


In July 15, SOHR published a copy of a statement issued by Jabhat al- Nusra related to al- Islam Army’s accusations about the last on headquarters and checkpoints affiliated to al- Islam Army in the Eastern Ghouta and seizing on its weapons.


Jabhat al- Nusra stated that the people of Mdira town in the Eastern Ghouta are those who prevented al- Islam Army from arresting “Abo Ahmad al- Mujahed” who has not been notified by the Unified Judiciary” about any charge, and that the people of Midra go towards a post of al- Islam Army where Abo Ahmad Mujahed demanded the members of handing their weapons over for the weapons stolen by members of al- Islam Army when they were trying to arrest him, and that a company of Jabhat al- Nusra reached to the same post and seized weapons of the remaining members.  Then, al- Nusra arrested “Abo Alaa” who came to the post and refused to surrender himself to Jabhat al- Nusra that led to wound him. After that, he was surrendered to al- Islam Army.


After that, Jabhat al- Nusra added that fighters of al- Islam Army opened fire on motorbike driven by 2 members of Jabhat al- Nusra leading to wound one of them seriously while the other one could reach to one of Jabhat al- Nusra headquarters. This happened coincided with circular broadcasting on wireless devices by al- Islam Army about dealing with unknown targets and calling up its members in the Eastern Ghouta,  and that Jabhat al- Nusra stopped a convoy of al- Islam Army going to a Jbahat al- Nusra headquarter demanding them to hand their weapons over and they did, most of them released while 5 of them dragged to its headquarters in the Eastern Ghouta. In addition to, Jabhat al- Nusra protected its posts and arrested 2 groups of al- Islam Army- affiliated the Military Services Body, after that the leader of al- Rahman Legion and notables from the town of Mesraba intervened to cease the tension between Jabhat al –Nusra and the factions, but Jbahat al- Nusra confirmed in its statement that al- Islam Army members arrested 5 fighters of Jabhat al- Nusra when they were going to Jobar and other fighters opened fire on cars belong to Jabhat al- Nusra while a battalion of al- Islam Army attacked a post of Jabhat al- Nusra in al- Sheifoniyyi around Duma and clashes erupted between the two sides ended by withdrawal of al- Islam Army after some members wounded.


Jabhat al- Nusra concluded its statement confirming that 25 members of al- Islam Army, including 6 commanders, and 60 pieces of light and medium weapons had been delivered while the detainees from Jabhat al- Nusra had been received. Jabhat al- Nusra addressed al- Islam Army saying “Jabhat al- Nusra connects sector in the battlefronts of Jobar, Erbin, Deir al- Asafir, al- Blaliyya and al- Qasimiyya, and it has groups ready to support any of the mentioned battlefronts.


Weeks ago, SOHR reported a statement issued by al- Islamic Army accusing Jabhat al- Nusra of attacking its checkpoints and headquarters as seizing weapons.


“When al- Islam Army were carrying out arrest warrant issued by the “Unified Judiciary” against one of the wanted to appear before justice from the town of Mdira in 7/12/2015 at 7 p.m. whose name is “Abo Ahmad Mujahed a group of masked men intervened to prevent the implementation of the task that led to leave the area without carrying out the warrant. Then, immediately an armed group of Jabhat al- Nusra attacked the security office of al- Islam Army in Mdira, arrested the leading figure in the Third Brigade Abo Alaa, seized 6 automatic rifles from the office and assaulted some members. After that 3 motorcycles passed through a checkpoint of al- Islam Army, one of the motorcycles opened fire towards the checkpoint in turn the fighters responded to the sources of firing that led to wound some of the attackers who was from Jabhat al- Nusra. After this accident, some members of Jabhat al- Nusra has kidnapped 6 members from “the Military Services Body” of al- Islam Army, and in the midnight Jabhat al- Nusra stopped a group of al- Islam Army which was coming from al- Marj area, arrested 6 of them and took the weapons from the rest taking advantage of non-receipt of orders of firing.”


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