The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Unknown explosion | Violent explosion hits different areas in Aleppo city and its countryside

A violent explosion has been heard in areas east of Aleppo on Thursday morning.

SOHR activists have reported hearing a violent explosion in Al-Muslimiyah area, which is under the control of regime forces in northern Aleppo countryside.

The nature of the explosion is still unidentified, whether it was an intentional or an accidental explosion in one of the ammunition depots in the area there in the vicinity of the cement factory near Al-Muslimiyah pedestrian school. However, no human and material losses have been reported so far.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that Syrian regime forces targeted the vicinity of a Turkish base in the countryside of Aleppo, where four rockets hit areas near the Turkish base on the outskirts of Dabiq village near Akhtarin village in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

In this context, Turkish forces responded by shelling the vicinity of Hasajak village in the northern countryside of Aleppo, with more than 10 artillery and rockets. However, No casualties were reported.