The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli drone attack | Lebanese Hezbollah reconnaissance officer killed north of Al-Quneitra

Reliable sources have confirmed to SOHR that an Israeli drone targeted a person from Hadar town in northern Al-Quneitra countryside, on Wednesday evening, immediately killing him.

According to SOHR sources, the dead man was work in monitoring and reconnaissance for Lebanese Hezbollah, in Hadar town on occupied Syrian Golan border.

The man was targeted by the Israeli drone near his house in Maqlaa’ Hadi area west of Hadar town.

It is worth noting that Israeli drones had previously dropped paper leaflets at several areas in Al-Quneitra province, warning regime forces and Iranian-backed militias not to approach ceasefire zones and calling on regime soldiers and people not to cooperate with Lebanese Hezbollah.


It is worth noting that this is the 17th Israeli attack on Syrian territory since early 2022.

Several violent explosions occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, the second of July, in areas in the countryside of Tartous near and at the border with Lebanon due to Israeli airstrikes that hit positions in and around Al-Hamidiyah area south of Tartous near the border.

Israeli missiles hit animal husbandry believed to be used militarily and commercially by Lebanese Hezbollah, causing severe material damage. A young man also suffered a broken foot from shrapnel hitting him, and a woman also suffered bruises.

The regime’s anti-air defence voices have not been heard, as Israel waged a surprise attack.