The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Second Coalition delegation | British-US delegation visits Ain Al-Arab/Kobani east of Aleppo

SOHR activists have reported that a British-US delegation has arrived in ten cars in Ain Al-Arab/Kobani in eastern Aleppo countryside.

The meeting is held with the Executive Council of Euphrates region in Kobani city.

The British delegation is headed by the commander of British forces in Syria.

The meeting tackled the security, political and service conditions and Turkish threats to launch a military operation in the area.

Yesterday, a military delegation of the International Coalition comprising 40 Americans, French and British representatives arrived in ten cars in Manbij area in north-eastern countryside of Aleppo, and headed to the “Manbij Mills” building Wednesday morning, Syrian Observatory activists reported.

This delegation arrived to meet with the forces of Manbij Military Council that control the area there to discuss developments of Turkish threats of an imminent military operation.

In the evening, the delegation members toured Manbij and met the people before leaving the area.