Islamic State's 'chief singer-composer' killed in Syria airstrike • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Islamic State’s ‘chief singer-composer’ killed in Syria airstrike

Beirut: The Islamic State terrorist, who used to compose songs and hymns for the militant group’s brutal execution videos, has been killed in an airstrike in Syria, reports claimed on Tuesday.

According to reports, the supporters of IS on Twitter confirmed that Maher Meshaal was killed in Syria’s Hasakah province on Saturday.

Meshaal, who penned down jihadi hymns such as ‘Saleel al-Sawarem’ and ‘Halomoo Halomoo O’ lions of war,’, was killed in south of the city of Al Hasaka, CBS News reported.

His songs are regularly played as background music in combat and execution videos released by ISIS.

Besides him, two senior Islamic State leaders were killed in an airstrike in northeastern Syria on Monday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

The Observatory, which gathers its information from an activist network on the ground, identified the leaders as an Iraqi, Abu Osama al-Iraqi, and a Syrian named Amer al-Rafdan.

The Observatory said the air strike was believed to have been carried out by the U.-led coalition that is targeting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, though Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Observatory, said he could not be sure.


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