The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Personal dispute | Ankara-backed “Al-Hamza Division” arrests employee in hospital in Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kanye)

Turkish-backed “National Army” factions continue to commit violations against the people in Ras Al-Ain/Sere Kanye in Al-Hasakah countryside in “Peace Spring” in light of the ongoing chaos, theft, murders, bombardments, and violations against the people there.

SOHR activists have reported that a group of Al-Hamza members backed by Turkish forces kidnapped an employee in a national hospital over old personal disagreements between the employee and the group that kidnapped him and then charged him with narcotic drugs trafficking, then they surrendered the abductor to the Turkish police.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported hearing a medium explosion in Ras Al-Ain/Sere Kanye which is under the control of “National Army” factions and Turkish forces in “Peace Spring” area in Al-Hasakah countryside.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the explosion is caused by an IED that exploded in a ferry near Ras Al-Ain post station, leaving three people injured and causing material damage to the shops there.