The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing military escalation | Over 70 regime rocket and artillery shells hit Jabal Al-Zawiyah

As Putin-Erdogan area has been witnessing a continuous escalation for days in light of ground bombardment, particularly by regime forces and their proxies, SOHR activists have reported intensive shelling by regime forces in the early hours of Monday morning.

Over 70 rockets and artillery shells hit areas in Fulayfel, Bayannin, Al-Bara, Al-Fatirah and Safohn in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in the western countryside of Aleppo. While regime rocket and artillery fire intensified in Al-Bara village.

Moreover, regime forces have shelled areas in the vicinity of Maklabis village in western Aleppo countryside of Aleppo.

Meanwhile, Al-Fath Al-Mubin factions have shelled positions of the regime forces in Al-Darah Al-Kabirah and Al-Malajah, south of Idlib, and Ain Al-Hammam, north of Latakia.

Furthermore, Regime forces and Al-Fath Al-Mubin factions have exchanged morts shells and heavy machine guns on Al-Masharea’ frontline in Sahl Al-Ghab and Kabbana frontline in Jabal Al-Akrad. However, no casualties have been reported so far.

On July 22, SOHR activists documented the death of a woman and a young man where missiles fired by opposition factions hit areas in Nobl Al-Khatib village and Jurin in regime-held areas in western Hama countryside.

Friday evening, SOHR activists also reported a massacre committed by the Russian warplanes in Jisr Al-Shughor western of Idlib, leaving seven people killed including four young brothers and injury of 11 others including eight children.