The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russia-Ukraine war | SOHR confirms “no Syrian “mercenaries” fight in Russia’s war on Ukraine till now”

SOHR sources have confirmed that Syrian “mercenaries,” whose numbers are estimated at 2000 mercenaries and were recruited by Russia in its war against Ukraine and transferred there, have not yet participated in Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Therefore, no Syrian mercenaries have been killed in the Russian war on Ukraine so far.

On April 1, reliable sources told SOHR that batches of Syrian mercenaries accomplished intensive military training courses under the supervision of tens of Russian officers, regime officers and regime-backed commanders, where they are now ready to be transported to Ukraine, precisely the eastern part, to join the war alongside Russian forces. A batch of those mercenaries may were transported to Ukraine, but SOHR could not verify this information.


On the other hand, intensive military training courses were underway for Syrians who chose to be mercenaries in return for financial incentives. It is worth noting that these training drills escalated after the return of officers of the 25th Division, the Palestinian Liwaa Al-Quds, Al-Baath Battalion and the 5th Corps who participated in the reconnaissance tour in east Ukraine. These officers, whose number approximated 260, had visited east Ukraine in mid-March and stayed for days before they returned to Syria.