"Islamic State" establishes "traffic police" and requires "Sunnah appearance" and recommendation from a person pledging allergince to IS • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Islamic State” establishes “traffic police” and requires “Sunnah appearance” and recommendation from a person pledging allergince to IS

“Islamic State” issued an advertisement in the province of Deir Ezzor, where SOHR knew that the advertisement issued by “the Islamic Police” inviting those who want to volunteered in “traffic police” to register under the following conditions:

  • Not to exceed the age of 30 and no less than 20.
  • To have “Sunnah appearances” like beard and dress.
  • To get recommendation by a brother who has pledged allegiance to IS since more than one year.
  • Not to serve as a traffic police for the regime earlier.
  • To get a secondary certificate at least.
  • To pass all medical tests.
  • To pass oral and writing interview.

The advertisement added as well, that the associate members are going to undergo “Sharia course” of 15 days, then the best members are going to be chosen to enroll for traffic police. The advertisement confirmed that the person who enroll for traffic police is not considered “pledging allegiance” to IS but he has to attend another course in case of desiring to “pledge allegiance to the caliph” and to pass the medical test. Meanwhile, the traffic policeman time is about 8 hours in a day for a salary of 20000SP, and that IS is not responsible for the existence of illness that contradict the medical test carried out earlier, in this case the policeman is going to be dismissed because he violates the terms of acceptance and circumvent the medical committee.a

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