With heavy weapons | Regime forces attack Tafas city ten days after the head of security committee’s threats to launch military operation • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
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With heavy weapons | Regime forces attack Tafas city ten days after the head of security committee’s threats to launch military operation

Daraa province: SOHR sources have reported that regime forces shelled several farmlands and houses in Tafas city and Al-Yadoudah in the western countryside of Daraa with heavy weapons and tanks, amid attempts to advance into the southern neighbourhoods of Tafas city.


This attack comes after threats by the head of security committee during a meeting with Tafas dignitaries on July 25 to launch a military operation, if the dignitaries refused to cooperate with regime forces and hand over suspects.


Yesterday, regime forces prevented farmers from heading to their land, along with the arrival of regime forces in the western countryside of Daraa. While regime forces were seen on high alert, along with deploying a military checkpoint in Al-Rayy area on the road between Al-Yadoudah and Al-Muzayrib in western Daraa. Regime forces boosted the checkpoint with a BMP vehicle, military personnel and heavy weapons.


Moreover, groups of regime forces stormed houses in Al-Bakkar town where they threatened to destroy and burn the town as a response to the IED attack which targeted a military vehicle near Al-Bakkar town in west Daraa countryside, which injured an officer, a lieutenant and a soldier of the regime-backed 5th Corps.


Separately, regime forces have sent military reinforcement to Daraa city, where eight personnel carriers, an armoured vehicle and several four-wheel drive vehicles (4×4) headed to the Municipal Stadium.


On July 31, SOHR activists reported that members of a committee representing residents in Tafas met with Russian representatives and regime forces in the governor’s building in Daraa, to discuss the latest developments in the province.


The committee demanded the withdrawal of regime forces and military reinforcement which had arrived in the region, to allow farmers and residents to go to their lands and harvest their crops.


The head of the Military Security Branch of the regime “Loai Al-Ali” expressed his adherence to establishing a military checkpoint on the road linking Daraa and Tafas under the pretext that the area is a supply line for ISIS, while the members of Tafas Committee rejected his suggestion, amid promises by the Russians to move the checkpoint away from Tafas city. However, the attendants did not reach a final agreement.


While on July 28, SOHR sources reported that the negotiating committee and regime officers have reached a tentative agreement providing for an immediate ceasefire in Tafas city and withdrawal of military reinforcements from the vicinity of the city, provided that handing over some wanted people to regime security services.


This came in light of escalated tension and bringing in military reinforcements by regime to the area around Tafas in western Daraa countryside.


SOHR activists reported that regime forces targeted with heavy machine-guns an area between Tafas city and Al-Yadudah town in western Daraa countryside on Thursday morning.


Moreover, regime forces and local militiamen have traded fire on Tafas frontlines. No casualties were reported.


SOHR activists documented the death of a civilian and injury of three others, where shells hit the plains of Tafs city in western Daraa countryside, fired from areas of the Military Security forces in Daraa countryside.


On the other hand, SOHR activists monitored clashes between local gunmen and regime forces in the southern side of Tafs city in western Daraa countryside.


Moreover, the agricultural plains present between Tafs and Al-Yadoda witnessed trade fire with light and medium weapons.


This comes after the closure of the road linking Tafs and Daraa, and the arrival of military reinforcements to the areas surrounding Tafs city in western Daraa countryside.


Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that regime forces blocked Daraa-Tafas road and brought in military reinforcements to areas around Tafas city in the western countryside of Daraa.


Regime forces also coordinated with dignitaries from Tafas to search the homes of wanted persons, with the participation of local groups.


Tension had been raised in the area days after regime’s security committee met with the dignitaries from Daraa and threatened to launch a military operation in the area in the event that assassinations of members and collaborators of the regime continue. Regime forces also demanded the handing over of wanted people.


On July 25, SOHR activists reported that members of regime security committee in Daraa met with a number of dignitaries in the villages and towns of Tafas, Al-Yaduda and Jassim in Daraa Al-Balad city on Sunday morning.


The security committee called upon the dignitaries and attendants to cooperate with them to hand over the wanted people by the regime for security and criminal issues.


The Chairman of the Security Committee threatened dignitaries in Daraa with a military operation if they refused to cooperate with them.


The Governor of Daraa, the head of Military Security Branch in Southern region, Brigadier General Luay Al-Ali, and Commander of the 5th division attended the meeting.


In this context, reliable sources informed SOHR that regime forces brought in military reinforcements to Daraa from Damascus.