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Inspecting displaced people’s living conditions | Coalition delegation visits area near Al-Rukban camp

A delegation of the International Coalition forces stationed at Al-Tanaf base near Syria-Iraq-Jordan border triangle in a 55-kilometre zone visited Al-Daqqah area, 14 kilometres away from Al-Rukban camp, to inspect the living conditions of the displaced people. The delegation inspected the water well in Al-Daqqah and then left the area.

It is worth noting that people in Al-Rukban camp suffer from dire conditions due to the siege imposed by the Syrian regime and Lebanese “Hezbollah.”

Yesterday, SOHR activists in Al-Rukban camp documented the death of a six-month-old boy because of fever in light of the lack of medicine in the camp.

Speaking to SOHR, the baby’s father who is from Palmyra city said that his son had fever and diarrhea, while his families failed to lower his body temperature using compresses only, in light of the lack of medicines in the camp.

The father said that he could not take his son to hospitals or clinics outside the camp because of his dire living conditions, where a driver asked the father to give him 800 USD to drive his son out of the camp, but the father failed to secure the money.

In Late July, SOHR sources in Al-Rukban camp in the Syrian desert near the eastern border with Jordan and Iraq reported that the Jordanian government and UNICEF reduced water allowances provided to displaced people in the camp. This coincided with appeals by the camp’s inhabitants to Jordan to increase water allowances in light of the high temperatures and dreadful living conditions of the inhabitants of the camp which has been turned into a “grand prison” with nearly 8,500 displaced Syrian people from different provinces living there.

According to SOHR sources, 13 families, five young men and two children left Al-Rukban camp in July.