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Military escalation | Turkish shells hit near US base and church in Al-Qamishly countryside

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that several artillery shells near the US base at Sad Mazkaft (Mazkaft Dam) north eastern of Al-Qahtaniyah in Al-Qamishly.

Moreover, shells hit near St. George Church of Syriac Christians in Mahrakan village, and Umrik village in Al-Qahtaniyah countryside. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

A child was killed, and 11 other people were injured, mostly women and children, in Al-Qahtaniyah town, east of Al-Qamishli by Turkish bombardment of civilian houses.

Moreover, two regime soldiers were also wounded by shelling at a military position in Qurmaniyah village in Darbasiyah countryside.

Turkish forces stationed in Turkish territory have shelled directly 22 villages and towns and eight positions, these areas are as follows:

• Six areas and villages, in some of which regime forces are stationed in Darbasiyah countryside: Karbashek, Birknis, Shirik, Malak, Qunenitra and Khanka.

• Three villages in western Amouda countryside: Jarnak, Shurki and Tel Hamdoun.

• Eight villages in Al-Qahtaniyah countryside: Shalhoumiyeh, Kardim, kil Hasnak, Tel Jahan, Rutan, Zour Ava, Tel Bashek and Mulla Abbas.


SOHR activists have just reported military escalation by Turkish forces in Al-Qamishli countryside and border area with Turkey.

Turkish forces have shelled 24 villages and towns in the area. The shelling hit houses in the villages of Sikirka and Tel Ziwan in Al-Qamishli, leaving a number of civilians, including children, injured in Sikirka village.

Turkish forces have also fired mortar shells on the silos of Qanat Al-Suwayis neighbourhood north-east of Al-Qamishli, Al-Qahtaniyah “Terbasbiyah” east Al-Qamishli and the villages of Shalhumiyah, Kardim, Kayl Hasnak and Tel Jahan.

Turkish shelling has also rained down on Al-Qarmanah village in Darbasiyah district, the villages of Mahkan and Mulla Abbas, inhabited by Christians, and the villages of Jarnak, Shurki, Tel Hamdoun and Khanki in Amuda district.

It is worth noting that those areas that came under Turkish bombardment are located near the border with Turkey.

This morning, SOHR activists reported a new Turkish drone on areas controlled by the “Autonomous Administration in northern and north-eastern Syria, AANES, when two Turkish drone strikes hit the vicinity of the United Nations “COVID” hospital in the vicinity of Qamishli city in Al-Hasakah province.