Antigonish group seeks home for Syrian family of 6 due to arrive next month Social Sharing • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
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Antigonish group seeks home for Syrian family of 6 due to arrive next month Social Sharing

Shortage of affordable housing in Nova Scotia is complicating search


An Antigonish, N.S., group is seeking housing for a Syrian family of six due to arrive in Canada on Sept. 28.

Syria-Antigonish Families Embrace (SAFE) applied to have the family come here three years ago and recently received word the application was approved. The family — which includes three girls and a boy between ages six and 10 — is currently in Lebanon.

“There’s been increasing hostility toward Syrian refugees who have become scapegoats in some ways for people feeling the economic collapse of Lebanon,” Lucille Harper, the co-founder of SAFE, told CBC’s Maritime Noon in an interview on Tuesday.

“And this family has certainly experienced that. And where they’re living is in an area that’s particularly difficult. So they’ve experienced several incidents of violence while they’re trying to find asylum while they’re trying to restart their lives.”

Harper said the group is looking for a three-bedroom house or apartment for the family.

“One of the challenges on this side of the border is trying to find housing that is suitable and affordable. And in Antigonish, we’re a small rural community, which means that we need people to be living in the Antigonish core area so that they can access services most easily,” Harper said.

In the past, Harper said her community has been very supportive of newcomers. The issue now is the overall lack of affordable housing. She said the family will only have about $650 per month to spend on housing once they get here.

“There is not enough housing. It’s an extremely difficult time. And our community has been amazing. So far we’ve had people who have turned up and said, ‘OK, I think I can help,’ or, ‘I think you might want to look here, I think you might want to talk to that person,'” Harper said.

“So right now, that’s what we’re trying to uncover. Any suggestions, any pathways, any leads to where we might be able to find a place — that’s our journey at this particular moment and trying to get all of that in place before Sept. 28.”






Source: CBC

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