The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Down with Turkey and down with regime” | Public protests prevails in Turkish-held areas and protestors set fire to Turkish flags

SOHR activists have reported widespread public protests in areas under the control of Turkish forces and their proxy factions in several Syrian provinces against the latest statements by the Turkish Foreign Minister.


Residents took to the streets in Azaz, Suran, Ihtimaylat and other areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kaniye) in Al-Hasakah countryside, Tel Abyad city in Al-Raqqah and Idlib city, denouncing statements by Cavusoglu, in which he said, “we need to somehow come to terms with the opposition and the regime in Syria.”


According to SOHR sources, protestors in Azaz city in northern Aleppo stormed the security directorate in the city, before they headed to the headquarters of the city’s local council, downed the Turkish flag and set fire to it, amid calls to remove Turkish flags in all areas under the control of Turkish-backed factions.


Moreover, protestors blocked a Turkish convoy on Azaz-Afrin highway, preventing it from crossing into Azaz city.


The protestors also left graffiti on the walls of these areas, the most prominent of which read “down with Turkey and down with regime.”