The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: Iraq receives 50 ISIS terrorists from Syria

The Iraqi Security Media Cell (ISMC) announced on Saturday that the Joint Operations Command received 50 ISIS terrorists holding Iraqi citizenship, after they were arrested in Syria.

A statement issued by the ISMC mentioned that ISIS members were handed over to the Iraqi security through Rabia border crossing between Iraq and Syria.

The Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency (FIIA) of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior will complete the necessary procedures against ISIS elements who have been handed over to Iraq, according to the statement.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights mentioned on Friday that the Iraqi government received around 50 other ISIS members, who were captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces, and were transferred to Iraq.

The Iraqi authorities announced in early June that they received 50 ISIS members from the Kurdish forces. A senior military source told AFP at the time that there are 3,500 Iraqi detainees in the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces.