The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Idlib | Residents protest against statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister

Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported that dozens of Idlib residents went out on demonstrations, protesting against the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister.

The Turkish Foreign Minister stated that Turkey should reconcile the opposition and the regime in one way or another.

The latest statements sparked controversy and public discontent in the Syrian north.

On August 12, SOHR activists reported that ten thousands of residents went out on protests against the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister, where SOHR activists monitored over 36 protest sites in areas of HTS and Turkish-backed factions in “Peace Spring”, “Euphrates River” and “Olive Branch” areas, where in “Peace Spring” areas hundreds of residents in Ras Al-Ain in Al-Hasakah countryside, Tel Abyad town and Solok town in Al-Raqqa northern countryside.

While in “Euphrates River” and “Olive Branch” areas in northern Aleppo countryside, thousands of residents protested in 16 areas which are: Al-Bab, A’zaz, Jarablus, Al-Ra’ey, Afrin, Dabik, Jinderes, Rajo, Akhtarin, Ma’batly, Turkman Barih, Marae’, Soran, Kaljabrin, Al-Ziyadiyah and Baza’a.

Moreover, residents protested in 18 areas in HTS areas which are: Al-Atareb, Darat Aza, Al-Jina, Tel Al-Karama, Abin Sam’an in Aleppo countryside, Idlib, Harim, Al-Dana, Atma, Salkin, Sarmada, Kafriyah, Mara’et Masrin camps, Kafr Lucien, Jisr Al-Shughor, Al-Mastoma, Darkosh and Hazano.