The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ain Al-Arab countryside | Nearly 20 people killed and injured by Turkish airstrikes on regime military base

19 people were killed and wounded by Turkish aerial bombardment that hit a military base of the regime forces in Jarqli village at Syria-Turkey border in western countryside of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani), east of Aleppo province.

SOHR sources have onfirmed that 11 people were killed so far, and it has not yet been known whether the dead people are regime soldiers only or civilians also.

Turkish warplanes also bombarded other regime positions in the area.

The death toll is believed to rise, as some people seriously injured, amid reports of further deaths.

A few hours ago, SOHR reported that Turkish Airforces have bombarded an area hosting a regime military post in Tel Jebna in the western countryside of Ayn Al-Arab (Kobani), east of Aleppo province at Syria-Turkey border, amid flight by Turkish aircraft over Turkish airspace. No casualties were reported.