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Barrage of shelling | Intensive Turkish shelling on areas NW of Al-Hasakeh countryside triggers civilian exodus

Turkish forces renewed their rocket attack on Tel Tamr countryside in areas controlled by SDF and regime forces north-west of Al-Hasakah.

Over 40 rocket and artillery shells struck areas in Tel Al-Laban, Umm Al-Khayr, Tel Tawil, Al-Tawilah, Salmas, Al-Kouzliyah and Sheikh Ali.

Other Turkish shells also rained down on areas in Abu Rasin (Zarkan) town, leaving a child injured.

According to SOHR activists, Turkish shelling triggered an exodus of people.

This morning, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces escalated their bombardment that lasted from Monday midnight until the early hours of Tuesday morning, triggering an exodus of dozens of families from villages bordering Turkey and Al-Darbasiyah town in the northwestern countryside of Al-Hasakah to safer areas.

Meanwhile, a child was injured on Al-Darbasiyah-Al-Hasakah road in Karbatli village in a car accident while The child and his family were on their way to Al-Hasakah to flee Turkish bombardment.

SOHR activists also reported that Turkish forces fired artillery and mortar shells on the villages of Al-Jattal, Al-Qurmaniyah, Karbashek and Shirik, west of Al-Darbasiyah, resulting in a house fire and significant damage to civilians properties.

Responding to the Turkish attack, SDF border guards bombarded Turkish territory. Clashes with machine guns and mortar shells erupted between SDF and Turkish forces and lasted for nearly 30 minutes.

Moreover, Turkish forces also shelled areas in western Amuda countryside, the villages of Ibrahimiyah, Faqirah, A’radah and Kisrah in Abu Rasin “Zarkan” countryside north-west of Al-Hasakah.


Monday evening, SOHR reported that Turkish forces shelled the perimeter of the checkpoint at the western entrance to Al-Darbasiyah north of Al-Hasakah and the villages of Al-Jatl, Al-Qurman, Karbashek and Shirik west of Al-Derbasiyah.

SOHR activists reported that SDF border guards and Turkish Jandarma traded machinegun and mortar shells.

SOHR activists have reported hearing strong explosions in western Amuda countryside.

Meanwhile, Turkish artillery shells hit villages in northern Al-Hasakah countryside, triggering the displacement of people from border villages west of Al-Derbasiyah.

It is worth noting that for days, areas north of Al-Hasakah saw shelling and fire exchange between “SDF” and Turkish army along Turkey-Syria border.