The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Rukban camp in limbo | 17 Syrian families flee inhumane conditions since early August 2022

SOHR activists reported that three new families left Al-Rukban camp at the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border triangle for Homs province, which is under the control of the regime forces, fleeing the disastrous humanitarian situation that hit Al-Rukban camp this morning.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, the three families are members of Al-Naa’em tribe.

Accordingly, the number of families who have left Al-Rukban camp for regime-controlled Homs province since early August has reached 17 in six batches; they are as follows:

• August 1: Three families; two families from Al-Fawa’arah and a family from Deir Ezzor.

• August 3: Four families of Bani Khalid tribe.

• August 10: Two families from Palmyra.

• August 13: Two families of Al-Amora tribe.

• August 13: Three families; a family from Muhin area, a family from Al-Qariatayn and a family of Bani Khalid tribe.

• August 17: Three families of Al-Naa’em tribe.

It is worth noting that all of those families have fled the dreadful living conditions in the camp, heading to regime-controlled areas with no guarantees protecting them from arbitrary arrest.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) stresses the importance of facilitating the entry and providing services and humanitarian aid to Al-Rukban camp. SOHR also affirms the importance of ensuring basic human needs such as food, water and healthcare are available to Syrian people in Al-Rukban camp.

SOHR calls on all the relevant organisations to allow sick people and urgent cases of the camp inhabitant to receive treatment in Jordanian hospitals and/or to open a hospital with specialised doctors inside the camp.

We, at SOHR, also call for coordinated actions by all humanitarian and legal organisations not only to alleviate the suffering of the displaced people and overcrowding in the camp but also to push influential international powers to find a lasting peaceful solution to Syria’s tragedy, a solution that enables the displaced and the deported Syrians to return to their homeland under national and international guarantees supervised by UN bodies.