The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes and bombardment around Kafria and al-Fou’a towns

Idlib province: Clashes continued between NDF backed by the people’s committees which are trained by Hezbollah in Kafria and al-Foua towns against Islamic battalions around the towns leading to the death of 2 NDF and an Islamic commander, reports of more human losses in both sides, the clashes accompanied by barrels and aerial bombardment around the towns amid reports of advances for Islamic battalions in the area. Missiles fell on Benech town, no reports of losses. Explosive barrels were dropped on Idlib city, Saraqib, Sermen, and Ma’r Tamsrin, no reports of losses. The warplanes raided Kansafra and Kafarmos in the southern countryside, reports of casualties in Kafar Mos.