“We are revolutionaries and not rebels” | Residents demonstrate in eight areas in Idlib and Aleppo countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“We are revolutionaries and not rebels” | Residents demonstrate in eight areas in Idlib and Aleppo countryside

SOHR sources have reported that hundreds of residents took to the streets in Idlib city, Saramada, Kafr Arouq and Kafr Lusin in the northern countryside of Idlib, Mare’, Akhtarin and Shamarikh camp in the northern countryside of Aleppo, where they participated in demonstrations staged today after Friday Prayer under the slogan “we are revolutionaries and not rebels.”


The demonstrators chanted slogans, such as “no to reconciliation with Al-Assad’s regime,” expressing their rejection of the latest statements by the Turkish Foreign Minister, in which he said “we need to somehow come to terms with the opposition and the regime in Syria.”


The demonstrators also called for the toppling of the Syrian regime and resume battles against regime forces.


On August 12, SOHR activists monitored over 36 protest sites in areas of HTS and Turkish-backed factions in “Peace Spring”, “Euphrates River” and “Olive Branch” areas, where in “Peace Spring” areas hundreds of residents in Ras Al-Ain in Al-Hasakah countryside, Tel Abyad town and Solok town in Al-Raqqa northern countryside.


While in “Euphrates River” and “Olive Branch” areas in northern Aleppo countryside, thousands of residents protested in 16 areas which are: Al-Bab, A’zaz, Jarablus, Al-Ra’ey, Afrin, Dabik, Jinderes, Rajo, Akhtarin, Ma’batly, Turkman Barih, Marae’, Soran, Kaljabrin, Al-Ziyadiyah and Baza’a.


Moreover, residents protested in 18 areas in HTS areas which are: Al-Atareb, Darat Aza, Al-Jina, Tel Al-Karama, Abin Sam’an in Aleppo countryside, Idlib, Harim, Al-Dana, Atma, Salkin, Sarmada, Kafriyah, Mara’et Masrin camps, Kafr Lucien, Jisr Al-Shughor, Al-Mastoma, Darkosh and Hazano.


SOHR sources reported that Turkish soldiers stationed in the Turkish base in Al-Mastumah base in southern Idlib have fired tear gas shells, attempting to disperse demonstrators who gathered in front of the base, as some protestors climbed up the walls of the base.


According to SOHR sources, all military posts and positions of Turkish forces in Idlib have been put on high alert over the widespread demonstrations in differrnt areas across Idlib countryside against yesterday’ statement by the Turkish Foreign Minister.

In the same context, Turkish forces stationed at Jarabulus crossing on the Syria-Turkey border in the northern countryside of Aleppo fired bullets in the air, attempting to keep protestors away from the crossing.


While on August 13, Turkish-backed factions arrested over 15 civilians from different areas for “being involved in and abetting insulting Turkish flag and attempting to burn it down.”