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New patrol | Turkish and Russian forces conduct joint patrol in Al-Hasakah countryside after being cancelled for nearly three weeks

Al-Hasakah province: A joint patrol of Russian and Turkish forces has set off from Al-Darbasiyah in Al-Hasakah countryside and headed to rural Amuda near the Syria-Turkey border.

This joint patrol has been conducted after being cancelled for three consecutive weeks.

On August 18, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces cancelled a joint patrol with Russian forces in Al-Hasakah countryside for the second consecutive week.

Turkish forces informed Russians a few days ago that a routine patrol, which is scheduled to be conducted today, will be cancelled; Russian forces did not head to Shirik border crossing in Derbasiya countryside today as usual.

On August 11, Reliable SOHR sources confirmed that Turkish forces cancelled a patrol which was supposed to be run with the Russians that day in Al-Darbasiyah countryside. According to SOHR sources, Russian forces set off from Al-Qamishli airport and arrived at Sherek border crossing that morning, where they met with Turkish forces, before the Russians were informed that the patrol was cancelled. Russian forced later headed to Qunaitara village in Al-Darbasiyah countryside in Al-Hasakah province, escorted by two helicopters which were seen hovering over that area. The Russian patrol was positioned in the village until now.