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Hama attack | Laud explosions still shaking Iranian-backed militias’ positions for four hours after Israeli airstrikes

Reliable SOHR sources have reported hearing sporadic laud explosions in weapons and ammunitions warehouses of Iranian-backed militias in the western countryside of Hama for four hours after the Israeli airstrikes on these positions. The explosion have caused grand blazes and destroyed large amounts of weapons and ammunitions, amid confirmed reports on casualties. Today’s attack by Israeli fighter jets is the most violent ever on positions of Iranian-backed militias because of the violent explosions which are ongoing until now.


Earlier today, reliable SOHR activists reported hearing loud explosions in the areas which came under attack by Israeli jets this evening in the western countryside of Hama, including Wadi Al-Oyoun road, west of Masyaf, the area of the scientific research centre, Al-Suwaidah area to the south-east of Masyaf and Al-Julaymah area. It is worth noting that the targeted areas host military headquarters and posts and weapons and ammunitions warehouses affiliated to Iranian-backed militias. Several weapons and ammunitions were destroyed because of the Israeli airstrikes, amid confirmed reports on casualties.


Moreover, fires broke out in areas in Masyaf countryside because of the Israeli airstrikes and shrapnel of missiles fired by air-defences which attempted to intercept the Israeli missiles.


SOHR sources had reported that Israeli fighter jets renewed their attacks in Syrian territory this evening, targeting several positions in west Hama countryside. The Israeli airstrikes targeted positions and warehouses of Iranian-backed militias on Wadi Al-Oyoun road, west of Masyaf and the area of the scientific research centre, amid unconfirmed reports on attacks on Jeb Ramlah area. However, no casualties were reported.


It is worth noting that this is the 21st attack in Syrian territory in 2022. It is also the 3rd attack in Hama province this year.


On May 13, six officers and non-commissioned officers, five of whom were officers of air-defence forces, were killed by direct Israeli attack on an air-defence vehicle, while they were trying to intercept the Israeli rockets fired on Wadi Al-Oyoun road, west of Masyaf and Al-Suwaidah area south-east of Masyaf in Hama countryside. The Israeli bombardment also left more than ten other military personnel and civilians, including a little girl, injured.


While on April 9, Israeli missiles hit five military outposts in west Hama countryside, targeting the vicinity of the faculty of administration, scientific research centre, a military post in Al-Suwaidah village and a military post on the outskirts of Masyaf.