The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Lieutenant colonel assassinated in Al-Hasakah city, and YPG and al-Sanadid army take over Eastern al-Nashweh neighborhood

Al-Hasakah Province:

The regime forces shelled the southern section of Al-Hasakah city controlled by the “Islamic State”, followed by two raids on the same areas, no information about casualties.
Clashes are still taking place between the “Islamic State” against YPG and al-Sanadid army of the governor of al-Jazira Province Hamidi Dahham al-Hadi after the last mentioned were able to advance in the neighborhood of Western al-Nashweh and take control over it all the way to the outskirts of al-Shari’aa neighborhood which is witnessing continuous clashes between both parts, the clashes coincided with mutual shelling and bombardment by warplanes on areas in al-Shari’aa neighborhood, while a wrangle took place between members of YPG and lieutenant colonel of the fifth regiment in the regime forces ended by the death of the lieutenant colonel near Isam Baghdi hospital in the center of Al-Hasakah town, also the Turkish forces advanced inside Al-Hasakah city and took control over areas in it all way to Filastin Street in the middle of Al-Hasakah city.