The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

13 civilians wounded in aerial bombardment of Ariha, while civilians killed and wounded in an explosion in the countryside of Hama

Hama Province:

The warplanes carried out a raid on places in the village on Qanbar and a raid on the village of Jeb Rayyan in the eastern countryside of Hama which are besieged by IS.


A man from the town of al- Latamnah died while his wife and 2 of their children wounded due to explosion of a The regime forces shelled places in in the town of Kafar Nabbodah west of Hama.


Idlib Province:

The warplanes carried out 3 raids on the city of Ariha seized by al- Fateh Army leading to wound more than 13 citizens.


Ahrar al- Sham movement carried out raid on a headquarter for an Islamist battalions in the town of Isqat located between the two cities of Harem and Salqin arresting members said to be loyal for IS.