Sixth day of "Humanity and Security" campaign | Asayish arrests nearly 100 ISIS members in Al-Hawl camp • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
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Sixth day of “Humanity and Security” campaign | Asayish arrests nearly 100 ISIS members in Al-Hawl camp

Al-Hasakah province: Internal Security Forces (Asayish) continue their security campaign of “Humanity and Security,” for the sixth consecutive day in Al-Hawl camp, in the far south of Al-Hasakah, arresting nearly 38 new ISIS members.

Accordingly, the number of persons arrested since the launch of Asayish security campaign has risen to 98, including at least 24 women.
Asayish also removed nearly 96 tents that were used by ISIS members for Shari’a courses.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that the Internal Secuirty Forces “Al-Asayesh” arrested 24 women and four men in the third section of Al-Hawl camp southern of Al-Hasakah, as a part of the “humanitarian and security” campaign that launched on August 25. Moreover, they stopped 12 people including five people who confessed to belonging to ISIS, and confiscated all equipment they had, during the combing operation in the second section in the camp.

Responding to the security campaign in Al-Hawl camp, ISIS issued a statement asking its supporters to support and help ISIS members inside the camp and “Al-Afifat” with money and their lives.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the number of people who were arrested by “Al-Asayesh” inside the camp has risen to 60 ISIS members. Moreover, 70 tents were removed, as a part of the ongoing “humanitarian and security” campaign for the fifth day.

On August 26, SOHR sources reported that Internal Security Forces (Asayish) arrested nearly 27 people in Al-Hawl camp in Al-Hasakah countryside as a part of the security campaign dubbed “Humanity and Security,” which was launched on Thursday, August 25.

SOHR sources reported that all arrested people are members of ISIS cells and “collaborators” with these cells.

Moreover, Asayish Forces filled up four trenches in the first section of the camp with earth, where ISIS cells used these trenches to hide.