Low production capacity | Al-Rukban’s only bakery re-operates after 13 days of suspension • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Low production capacity | Al-Rukban’s only bakery re-operates after 13 days of suspension

SOHR activists have reported that the only bakery inside Al-Rukban (Al-Mansy) camp in the Syrian desert, has returned to work after being suspended for 13 days, where it was supplied with a limited amount of flour.

According to reliable SOHR sources in the camp, the amount of flour is not sufficient for the bakery’s needs, where the production is not sufficient for the displaced people, leading to the increase in the price of the bread bundle to 3,500 Syrian Liras, pressuring the residents of the camp who suffer tragic conditions and lack simple necessities of life.

On August 19, SOHR sources in Al-Rukban camp reported that work in the only bread bakery in Al-Rukban camp has been suspended for the second consecutive day in light of the lack of flour because of the siege imposed on the camp by regime forces and Iranian-backed militias. It is worth noting that flour is delivered to Al-Rukban camp with the help of smugglers from Palmyra city or T4 area, where it is sold in the camp at high prices. Many families have flour supplies, where they use rudimentary methods to bake bread instead of buy it at the bread bakery where a 600-gram pack of bread of seven loaves is sold for 2,000 SYP.

In light of the international community’s ongoing inaction towards the humanitarian disaster in the camp, SOHR sources have reported the departure of 17 families of tens of people from the camp in six batches since early August.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) stresses the right of Syrian civilians in Al-Rukban camp to obtain food, drinking water and health and medical care, and calls for intensifying efforts to put an end to the sufferings of the camp’s inhabitants.

SOHR also calls upon all relevant organisations to allow sick people and emergency cases in the camp inhabitant to receive treatment in Jordanian hospitals and/or to open a hospital with specialised doctors inside the camp.