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Arab, Western Demands to Implement Resolution 2254, Continue Cross-Border Aid to Syria

The representatives of 11 Arab and Western States, as well as the Arab League and the European Union, called Thursday on all Syrian parties to resume the meetings of the Constitutional Committee and to implement UN Security Council resolution 2254.

Representatives of Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, Egypt, the European Union, France, Germany, Iraq, Jordan, Norway, Qatar, Türkiye, the United Kingdom, and the United States met August 30-31 at the envoy level  in Geneva to discuss the crisis in Syria.

“We reaffirmed our commitment to reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis consistent with UN Security Council resolution 2254, including continued support for implementing and sustaining an immediate nation-wide ceasefire, the Constitutional Committee, free and fair elections, the end of arbitrary detention, and the release of all those unjustly held,” the representatives said in a joint statement.

They also reiterated the need to create secure conditions for the safe, dignified, and voluntary return of refugees and internally displaced persons, consistent with UNHCR standards.

The representatives stressed the need to support the provision of sufficient and sustainable aid to the displaced and their host countries and communities until such conditions are in place.

They additionally noted with concern the continuing threat posed by ISIS and reiterated their commitment to the mission of the Global Coalition Against ISIS, and to the fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

“We called on all parties, in particular the government-nominated bloc, to resume meetings of the Syrian-led and Syrian-owned Constitutional Committee under UN auspices in Geneva and to advance an inclusive political solution that will protect the territorial integrity, unity, and sovereignty of Syria and the rights and dignity of all Syrians,” they stressed in their joint statement.

The representatives reiterated that there is no military solution to the Syrian crisis, reaffirming their continued support of UN Special Envoy Geir Pedersen and his tireless efforts to advance a UN-facilitated political process consistent with UNSC resolution 2254.

They also expressed their deep concern about the dire humanitarian situation in Syria and the ongoing suffering of the Syrian people.

“We emphasized the importance of continuing to provide life-saving and early recovery humanitarian assistance across Syria through all modalities, including expansion and extension of the UNSC resolution 2642 cross-border aid mechanism, for which there is no alternative that can match its scope and scale,” the representatives said.



Source:  Asharq Al-Awsat

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