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Child murderer flees to Lebanon | Republican Palace and forensic medicine fabricated details of the crime

The child “Jawa” was the victim of a smuggled drug shipment of the Lebanese “Hezbollah”

SOHR activists have revealed new details about the death of the 4 years-old girl “Jawa Istanbuly”, the case that sparked sympathy locally and internationally, where the regime’s Intelligence worked on hiding the details of the real crime, and presented another person called (Madin Al-Ahmad) as the murderer to the media. Meanwhile, he was announced killed inside “Ibn Al-Nafis” Hospital in Damascus.

According to reliable SOHR sources, “Jawa’s” father, who is a member of the 4th Division Security forces which have checkpoints deployed at the roads, had received a huge amount of money from the drug dealer known initially as “M.B.”, who is from Salhab in Hama countryside and works with the Lebanese Hezbollah, to pass a huge shipment of drugs. However, the shipment was stolen by unidentified people, according to “Jawa’s” father.

On the same context, the drug dealer “M.B.” threatened “Jawa’s” father, after he refused to give back the money he had received or return the drug shipment.

According to SOHR sources, a member of the group of “M.B.” kidnapped “Jawa”, and connected with her father via audio and video while he cold bloodedly killed her in the presence of “M.B.”, before the murderer was smuggled to Lebanon after he obtained a new identity.

After “Jawa’s” case became a case of public opinion in regime-held areas, it couldn’t go unnoticed at the Republican Palace, where the head of the Syrian regime and his wife (Asmaa Al-Assad) interfered directly to fabricate the crime, so that the drug case and the spread of drugs in Syria wouldn’t be exposed.

On August 21, the head of the forensic medicine in Homs resigned after providing an inaccurate report regarding “Jawa’s” case, where his report didn’t match the story of the alleged murderer who showed up on the media, raising doubts. It is worth noting that the report of the forensic doctors can’t be mistaken, especially regarding a crime that became the talk of the streets of Syria and other Arabic countries.

“Jawa’s” murder crime is considered one of the most terrible crimes that took place in regime-held areas, where the regime Intelligence hid the details of the crime and the real murderer, hid the reasons and motivations behind the crime, and attributed the crime to another person who lives within the same neighbourhood of “Jawa.”

Regime’s media agencies circulated the “investigations with the alleged murderer”, while local media agencies claimed that the alleged murderer died during a surgical operation in “Ibn Al-Nafis” hospital in the capital Damascus.

Security services arrested the killer of the little girl “Jawa Istanbuli” five days after the people find the girl’s body in Homs city on August 14.

According to sources, the murderer, a resident of the neighbourhood where the little girl lived, confessed to his crime after being interrogated.

Sources added that the perpetrator was watching the children while playing, then abducted the little girl “Jawa” and killed her and dumped her body in a rubbish bin near Tel Al-Nasr cemetery in Homs.