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RPG attack | Military Security Branch in Al-Suwaydaa comes under unidentified attack

Al-Suwaydaa province: Unidentified gunmen have fired RPGs at the vicinity of the Military Security Branch in Al-Suwaydaa city centre.

The attackers had exchanged fire with the Military Security members, and then the assailants fled to an unknown destination. No casualties have been reported so far.

On August 30, tension erupted between local factions, and others backed by Lebanese Hezbollah and military security. local armed factions in Al-Suwaydaa, “Rejal Al-Karamah” movement,” with the help of some residents, carried out a raid campaign against the commander and members of Lebanese Hezbollah and Military Security-backed “Al-Fahd forces” in Qanawat town in the northern countryside of Al-Suwaydaa.

This came after the release of the Commander of Al-Fahd forces known by his initials S.H., by “Jabal Brigade” local faction, at the request of the religious authority, chiefly the spiritual leadership of Druze, igniting tension in the area.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, “Rejal Al-Karamah” militiamen cordoned off the house of the commander, who is known by his initials (S. H.), demanding that he surrender himself without resistance.

Rejal Al-Karamah” militiamen also called on the residents not to leave their houses until the end of the campaign, stressing that all the killers would be punished.

According to the residents, Al-Fahd forces committed crimes against the people in Al-Suwaydaa city, and Al-Fahd forces have close relation with the forces of “Raji Falhout,” backed by the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Military Security Branch.

On July 26, SOHR activists reported that Rejal Al-Karamah Movement took control over Al-Fajr Forces headquarters in Salim town, following violent clashes between Rejal Al-Karamah Movement and armed groups of the Military Security