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The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: Turkish Forces Bombard Three Villages in Hasakah


Turkish forces in northeast of Syria bombarded three villages in Hasakah province, with no casualties reported, a war monitor reported on Friday.

The artillery shelling and rocket fire targeted the villages of al-Dardarah and al-Sheikh Ali in Tel Tamr countryside, and Umm al-Khayr in Abu Rasin, northwest of Hasakah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

“Howver, no causalities have been reported so far,” the Britain-based monitoring group added.

The new bombardment comes after nearly two days of calm in the region.

Last Wednesday, SOHR reported that Turkish forces and Ankara-backed Syrian Islamist groups fired heavy artillery shells on Shaikh Ali village in western Tel Tamr countryside in north of Hasakah. However, no casualties were confirmed.

The Turkish forces recently bombarded the Tel Tamr power station, putting it out of service, only days after it was repaired, the monitor noted.

Meanwhile, they also shelled ten villages; including al-Aboush, Tel Shannan, Majibra, Dardara, Aboush, Sukkar Hamir, Tel Tawil, Tel Juma, Jilka, and Kabr Kabir in Tal Tamr countryside, northwest of Hasakah.

As a result of these shellings, dozens of families were displaced from their areas of origin in the region, according to SOHR.




Source: Bas News