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Daraa | Regime forces arrest nearly ten civilians

Daraa province: SOHR activists reported that regime forces stationed at Tayara checkpoint arrested nearly ten civilians after the failure of a meeting on September 7 between Syrian regime officials and the dignitaries of Jassim on Jassim-Nawa road, west of Daraa, when regime forces set up a checkpoint there.

SOHR activists have reported that regime forces put on a security alert in front of the Cultural Centre, which is the headquarters of the Military Security Branch of Jassim city, north of Daraa, after monitoring the entry of three vehicles carrying security officials into the branch headquarters.

On September 7, SOHR sources reported that the head of the Military Security service in Daraa and the head of Daraa travelled to Jassim to hold a meeting with the dignitaries of Jassim city.

This came after the dignitaries of Jassim city refused to hold the meeting in Daraa center, when the regime forces requested the establishment of fixed military checkpoints that would oversee Jassim city and the surrounding areas.

On September 8, the Military Police of the Syrian regime forces carried out a massive campaign of arrests of young men for “not performing “compulsory service.”

Regime forces arrested more than ten young men near Panorama roundabout in Daraa Al-Mahatah.

According to SOHR activists, the arrests campaign sparked resentment and anger among the people. The protestors blocked roads with burning tyres near Syrian regime military checkpoints in Daraa Al-Balad, forcing regime forces to release the arrested young men, hours after their arrest, to ease the tension in the city.