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Aleppo protests | People protest heinous practices of Al-Hamza Division and block roads in Al-Bab city

Aleppo province: Dozens of civilians of Kashah family and Al-Tay tribe staged vigil near Sentre roundabout in Al-Bab city centre, east of Aleppo, denouncing the practices of the Al-Hamza Division against civilians in the area, amid the closure of the main roads with burning tyres.


Members of the Hamza Division attacked media professionals, confiscated their equipment and broke them, while covering popular protests in Al-Bab city.

According to SOHR activists, the protests erupted because a patrol of three military vehicles of Al-Hamza Division faction, at dawn on Tuesday stormed the house of the family of an officer of Al-Tay tribe.

Al-Hamza Division severely beat the family of the officer, including the officer’s father and wife, entered the house while women were sleeping, forced them to unlock their cell phones and violated their privacy, including photographs of women, and seized four cell phones.

Moreover, Al-Hamza leader and his members broke the furniture of the house, looking for anything that would implicate the officer to be used by the Al-Hamza leader to bargain the officer, to release Al-Hamza members whom the officer arrested for being involved in drug dealing.

Al-Hamza patrol came after the officer carried out a campaign against drug dealers in Al-Bab, which led to the arrest of several members of Al-Hamza Division who are working in the drug trade and trafficking in cannabis, and also led to the confiscation of a car loaded with a large quantity of narcotics and cannabis.

To save his face and prevent the expansion of protests in Al-Bab city, the military police in Al-Bab city arrested Al-Hamza leader (Abu Abdo Al-Kadri) and took him to an investigation to find out the circumstances of the attack and the violation of family privacy.

It is worthy noting that the officer is a member of Anti-Narcotics and Smuggling Branch of the Civil Police in Al-Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.