SOHR: An American official calls for the return of “ISIS al-Hol” to their countries • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: An American official calls for the return of “ISIS al-Hol” to their countries



The camp suffers from overcrowding and a “catastrophic” situation, according to some NGOs, and from security tensions among its inmates, most of whom are family members of ISIS members, and a large number of them are foreigners. to displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees.

and oversees Al-Hol camp The Syrian Democratic Forces, of which the Kurds are the backbone, were led, with the support of Washington, in the defeat of the terrorist organization that controlled large areas of northern and eastern Syria between 2014 and 2019.

And he said Corella who visited the camp three days ago, in a press conference held at the US embassy in Amman, “I encourage all countries that have citizens inside the camp to take them back, rehabilitate and reintegrate them”.

“What is required is that these countries step forward, do their jobs and return their citizens to their countries,” said the US official quoted by the AFP.

Corella explained that “the current population of the camp is about 54,000, of which about 27,000 are Iraqis, about half, and about 18,000 are Syrians, and about 8,500 foreigners”, noting that by foreigners he means that “they are not Iraqis and not Syrians “.

“The challenge now is that about 50 percent of the camp’s residents inherit ISIS They believe in his vile ideology and 50 percent are those who have nowhere else to live and want to return home “.

“I think we should look at this with sympathy, because there is no military solution to this issue, I think the only solution lies in the rehabilitation and integration of these people,” he added.

He stressed that work is currently underway to “bring Iraqi detainees and ISIS fighters back to Iraq from camp residents”, adding: “We are working with the Iraqi state to speed up the process.”

According to reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a Kurdish official on 12 August, the Kurdish autonomous administration has handed over about 700 people to the Iraqi government, most of whom are family members of ISIS fighters who have been detained. within the al-Hol camp.

Despite repeated appeals and warnings from international organizations about “catastrophic” conditions in Al-Hol camp, most countries refuse to take back their citizens.




Source:  World Today News